by Mayuri Gonzalez

We live in a society where we pat ourselves on the back when we are multi-tasking and juggling. The truth is, that nobody can truly do more than one thing at a time. We are never fully engaged with anything when we are multi-tasking and divided attention always leads to some degree of suffering, now or in the future.

We’re most comfortable and calm when we’re mindful and that’s easiest to do when we’re doing one thing at a time. I know, it’s not always possible. But most of us can do less multi-tasking, and become more efficient.  We can make a conscious effort to do one thing from start to finish before moving on to something else. Much of the clutter in our homes comes from launching into something before fully completing something else. Think about it. Do you arrive into your home and finish the process of arrival by taking off and putting away your shoes, unpacking the stuff that you have on you, and putting everything away in its place; or do you find yourself walking in the door and throwing your coat off and your shoes off and leaving a trail of stuff following behind you. (like me!). Are you eating at a table or a space you have created for meals, really appreciating, sensing, and tasting the food you have prepared or are you sitting down trying to get caught up on the news or cleaning out your email box on your iPhone while you haphazardly stuff some food into your mouth? 

Chose how your spend your time with awareness and reflect on how it is working out for you. Check email every 20 minutes instead of every time one comes in. Turn your cell phone alerts off so that you’re in charge of when you respond to texts or emails. You don't need to be on call all the time. Remember when we didn't have cell phones? We chose the force they have over us.

Give yourself permission to focus on what’s important to you and take it one thing at a time.


Mayuri owns a family yoga and wellness studio: Prasanthi Studio in Pelham, NY with her business partner Lindsay Malejko. For more information about classes, workshops, private sessions, and trainings, please visit www.prasanthistudio.com.

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