by Mayuri Gonzalez
Volume I- Issue III Monday July 12, 2010

The words 'spiritual responsibility' have been vibrating within my consciousness for the past few days. We all know by now that all of our thoughts, energies, emotions, and actions effect the cosmic blueprint. We all know that we have to be the light in this world that we've all contracted to be. We all know that our being matters.

What does it mean for one to be spiritually responsible?

In meditation, the answer came very clearly and quite strongly.

To be spiritually responsible, one must look within. We are always searching for the answers outside of ourselves. We must find time to be in fellowship with ourselves. To enjoy our own company and spend time quietly engaged in the spiritual practices that feed our souls the real nourishment it craves. We have to be the witness and look at ourselves and take notice, especially to our thoughts, without judgment. What sort of internal drama are we engaging with? What emotions are we dancing with? What patterns are we surrendering to? Where is our personal power? Are we acting from a fear or lack space? To courageously go within, we believe and trust in our own connection, our own light, our own truth.

To be spiritually responsible, we must listen. We must delve deeper than the surface world around us and ask ourselves the questions that challenge us. Then we must sit in stillness and hear the answers without judgment. The answers can be to take a walk, to keep it moving, or to treat ourselves more sweetly. Sometimes we aren't meant to understand. Sometimes it isn't to learn some great lesson, but simply to test the grounds to see if we can hold onto our self. The answers are sometimes to confront and sometimes to simply let it go. We are always wanting others to hear us and often the deeper message is to hear our self. To have faith and trust our own inner wisdom.

To be spiritually responsible is to BE. To be in the present moment and trust what comes into our path. To have faith that our needs will be met and we may even discover some beauty and adventure in the NOW. To be content and grateful for all we have been given and all we will experience.
We must cherish the simple joys and beauty of the natural world, being spiritually awake, rather than sleep walking through this magnificent experience.

To be spiritually responsible is to
      Look within.

What will you be on this day? ----- Happy…. Elated……connected………grateful…….. healed………. Passionate………..silent…………rejuvenated……….inspired....  You fill in the space.

It’s all ours for the taking.

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