By Mayuri Gonzalez
VOLUME III- ISSUE I         Sunday, January 1, 2012, 12:45pm

      Happy New Year! _A new year, a new cycle, a new moment. It all feels so fresh and energizing, and yet it's important to remember that there is always a new moment to be relished, if we see it as such. There is always the opportunity to release the thoughts, stories, patterns, and habits that no longer serve us. We don't have to wait for New Years or any other excuse to experience fully this energy of newness. Every moment, every breath, every second is somehow different than the one that came just before it, forever unfolding, evolving, and changing. There will never be a moment that will be the same as the moment that we are experiencing right now. It is impossible. With that being said, there is something to be said of the collective intentionality and hope for positive change that arises and magnifies as we cross the threshold of a new year.
     It is a custom in our culture to create a list of resolutions or commitments we make to our self when we usher in a new year. We tend to end the old year creating our laundry list of all the ways our world needs to change for us to be happier. We look deeply and scrutinize ourselves, looking for all the of things we should be doing to be a better version of our self. While positive in theory, these resolutions can be very limiting and stifling. Subconsciously we are making ourselves feel inferior when we reinforce the belief that we need to be "better" or "different" than we are. We focus on outer goals, like loosing that 15 lbs we have been needing to, and saving X amount of dollars before the end of 2012. We put the pressure on ourselves that we need to be better husbands, wives, and parents, or finally stop talking about giving up smoking and just do it. What if instead of all of these "needs, shoulds, and wants" we affirmed to be more connected to our self? Can it be that simple? What if our new years resolutions shifted away from a list of the things that we need to be happy, and more towards knowing and loving ourselves? Affirm to remain awake and present and take complete responsibility for your state and thoughts. Release your judgements, and beliefs that you aren't good enough just the way you are and affirm to live this moment (not this year) shining forth your highest self.
     I invite you to not limit yourself with traditional resolutions. Affirm to live and relish in this moment. Affirm to be present enough in the NOW to make the choices that are right for your self and awake enough to see the limitless choices and possibilities that are fabricated into every moment, there for your taking!  These moments of choice and possibility weave the very essence of this entire universe.