By Mayuri Gonzalez
Volume I- Issue VII        Saturday, September 18, 2010

Why do we take everything so personal?  Taking it personally reinforces the false belief of separateness, allowing our ego to leave us feeling disappointed or abandoned when people don’t act the way we would like. The world is a playground for our egos and spirit, always challenging us to rise up above the illusions and the “smoke and mirrors” and remember the true nature of reality; a reality filled with love and perfection.  

We share space with dozens of people every day as we go about our business, whether it is co-workers, family members, friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, cashiers, cab drivers, train passengers, or random faces. Some of these faces we are emotionally invested in, and others we may never see again. In truth, all of the faces are manifestations of the Divine. We allow our very center of gravity to be shaken by others and blame anyone but ourselves when we are less than satisfied. In truth, there is no one to blame including ourselves. Blame can only exist if we don’t trust in something higher or a cosmic order to everything. If we trust in God, and are able to greet others with compassion, then we are able to find peace in the present no matter what the outside world looks like or feels like.

When we can look past the face, the insult to the ego, the disappointment, or the words, we are able to witness what is really operating within that human being we are sharing space with. Many times, we can listen to that inner voice and offer a speck of wisdom or a glimmer of hope. Sometimes it is in our highest good to simply walk away and take some deep breaths, until we can return to the space where we can stand firmly in light, love, and compassion. We have to remember that all of humanity is equal. No human being on this planet is greater than another regardless of position, race, gender, age, or economic status. One can even take it a step further and declare that humans are equal regardless of their behaviors or choices. Every person on the planet is given access to their own inner divinity and infinite possibilities to manifest a truly awesome experience; some people will not awaken in this lifetime to walk the way of spirit or consciousness.  What separates people are the vibrations each person chooses to align with, either consciously or unconsciously. When we stop taking it personally, we are able to stop fighting battles for others or defending our own ego or pride. We can lovingly look to others with compassion and understand what vibrations they are succumbing to. We can disengage and choose to step off the emotional roller coaster. We can hold up the mirror and gaze lovingly at our own reflection in others to gain greater wisdom and acceptance of all.

This week, make a pledge with yourself to not take the actions of others personally. Vow to honor the divine spark that unites us all and stand firmly and peacefully, recognizing the collective energy that binds together humanity.

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