By Mayuri Gonzalez
Volume I- Issue VI                                                                                               Sunday, August 29, 2010

    So much of worldly society flourishes and is fed by our constant unsatisfaction. We are conditioned to feel that we have to reach for something else, some unseen goal that is higher than our current state of affairs.  We are programmed that life is an upward journey where we need to reach and climb higher and higher until we arrive at the top. All of this keeps us trapped in feelings of lack and need. We compete with one another to make ourselves feel better. We judge others to somehow justify and prove our own “so called” growth or goodness. We provide millions of excuses rooted in how the outside world has let us down because we don’t have what we want and begin to believe the illusion that that is why we aren’t content. What if we could remember that we are always walking, one foott in front of the other with our eyes gazing lovingly at the horizon; that we are taking the journey back home to our own self.

          Our life journey needs to be recalibrated to a horizontal path, rather than a vertical climb. This allows us to see that no human is higher or lower then another. Consciousness cannot be measured in a traditional scientific or quantitative manner. Consciousness isn’t to be understood or judged. It is beyond all of that.  Consciousness doesn’t know good or bad, up or down, more or less. They are concepts created by our egos, and much of present society is built by man’s ego. You cannot gain consciousness. It is to be experienced and aligned with, not earned or attained. It is always there for every being if we choose to remember what has been there all along just waiting for us to open our eyes.

    Life is not to be earned or gained, but to be truly experienced. The secret to life isn’t about achievements of any form, but lies in the understanding that all we have to do is return home. The horizontal journey of life is to return home, to perfect understanding, to perfect compassion, to perfect wholeness, to our own innate divinity. We are not learning, but rather remembering. We are not reaching, but rather accepting and loving.  We have to claim our own worthiness, our own beauty, our own perfection. We don’t have to change a single thing about ourselves or our current situation to find peace and satisfaction. There is nothing but the NOW, and all that we can do is put one foot in front of the other and keep walking, looking to the horizon with tender feelings of home in our hearts. Home is where the heart is, and yet the heart is in fact the doorway home.  

This week, take some time to remember----

My life journey is spectacular, perfect, and unfolding in every second of every minute of every day. All I must do is breathe, trust, and surrender and prepare for my own perfect homecoming. Back home to the universe of the heart and soul, to complete oneness and peace.

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