_VOLUME II ISSUE III      December 28, 2011. 11:51am EST
All of the moments in our life have led us to the present moment. All paths have led to this one destination. Our state in this moment has been created by the thoughts and the beliefs we have held in the past. These thoughts and beliefs have bred feelings, some warm and fuzzy and some not so much. We have all felt the pulls of dissatisfaction and remorse for the cards that have been dealt to us. These thoughts "If only I had"....or "It should have gone like this" create patterns within us of suffering where we subconsciously buy into the idea that the universe isn't caring for us, protecting us, and giving us the best. We buy into the pattern and feeling that we aren't good enough or that others are somehow out to get us. 

The past is over and done with. There is no other possibility for the past other than what has been. Get it out of your head that there was any other option for any situation other than what was. There is no opportunity to change the past and spending time locked in these patterns of thought often lead us to feelings of resentment, guilt, fear, and pain. Walking in this world peacefully requires total responsibility for one's state of being at ALL times. We have to consciously choose the thoughts that will serve our highest good and actively choose alternate thoughts when we are experiencing suffering.

The point of power is always in the NOW. Don't wait for some sign that you are on the right path or spend too much time fussing over the past. It simply doesn't matter. All that matters is the choice that you make right now! What are you telling yourself? What do you believe about yourself? Don't judge that thought. Just start by witnessing whatever you are telling yourself. Spend time in meditation or engaging in mindfulness based practices to learn how to witness these thoughts and create the space to see what is operating within. If you see the shadow operating loudly within you, you don't have to believe it. What an idea! We don't have to believe everything we tell ourselves! Think about it for a minute. We all criticize, judge, and badger ourselves all the time. We simply don't have to believe these thoughts and we can place them back in the stream of consciousness where they can float on by without taking a hold of us and choose another more loving thought in its place.

Engage in some time with yourself where you can tell yourself some powerful, affirming, and loving thoughts to give strength to the voice within you. Claim the life or experience you are seeking with enthusiasm and faith.

Step into the now and fill your life with thoughts that will make your spirit soar.

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