Respecting Wildlife-
Open and Listening

When in nature we often forget we are moving into another realm, one that asks us to drop our baggage and surrender.

For better or worse, much of the world we experience is dominated and controlled by human beings. We spend our days in houses, cars, and buildings, and inside these structures, we are in control. We assert our wills and manipulate our environment. Within the context of the human world, this is natural. However, we often carry this attitude with us into the world of nature. We forget as we enter the forest, or sit on the edge of a pond, that we are moving into another realm, one that asks us to drop our baggage and surrender to a different sense of order and meaning.

When we move from our everyday world into the world of nature, we may not even notice at first. We might continue talking loudly into our cell phone or to a friend that is with us. We might walk quickly as if we are on a busy city street, our eyes downcast, our thoughts hectic and hurried. In the best case, if we are sensitive to our environment, we will soon notice that it has changed. We may hear ducks calling, or wind moving through the leaves on a tree. If we notice the shift, we will naturally shift as well. If we don't, we may get all the way through a beautiful park without having lowered our voices. Next time you find yourself in the presence of wildlife—even if it's just a duck pond in the midst of urban hustle—try to move into a receptive state of openness and listening, no matter how much or how little time you have. Allow yourself to be captivated and calmed by the energy of the wildlife that covers this earth. Teaching our children to be respectful of nature and to stop and observe is a gift they can always cherish

We preserve pockets of nature in our urban centers and large expanses of nature in our national parks because of the magic we feel in its presence. It reminds us of our smallness and calls us back to a deeper, quieter part of ourselves. When we honor nature by being respectful in its presence, we honor the mystery and wild beauty of our origin.
By Mayuri Gonzalez
Volume I- Issue I         Sunday, June 28, 2010

There has been much happening in our earthly environment. Over the past week we have seen a minor earthquake in Brooklyn, NY and a tornado touched down in Bridgeport CT.  Hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, and floods are becoming more frequent as we continue to ignore the messages. Our oceans have become black with greed as they have been destroyed by oil leaks. Mother earth is the sustainer, but she can also be the destroyer. What is the message for us?  For her actions cannot be simply to torture humans, but to teach us.  I cannot help but think that the message is one that is grounded in gratitude and responsibility. Do we have our priorities straight? Do we spend as much time engaging in our spiritual light and experiencing the splendor of mother earth, as we do on facebook, in front of the TV, or consuming unnecessary things?  Perhaps it is time to start the changes by truly experiencing the splendor of mother earth, by taking the time to observe her magnificence and being grateful for all she offers.

“To find the universal elements enough;
to find the air and the water exhilarating;
to be refreshed by a morning walk or an evening saunter;
to be thrilled by the stars at night:
to be elated over a bird's nest or a wildflower in spring ...
these are some of the rewards of the simple life.”

~ John Burroughs, Naturalist (1837-1921) ~

Have you taken the time to thank the earth mother for the air that you breathe? Have you thanked her for the gentle breeze that breaks up a moment of summer heat? Have you slowed down enough to simply enjoy and be in awe of a sunrise, a sunset, or a beautiful twilight evening? When was the last time that you really examined a wildflower, a wise old tree, or passing cloud? What do these elements have to offer you? Just as the traumatic natural disasters have something to offer, so does the beauty that surrounds us. In fact, I believe that it is a key to the change. We spend so much time running about that we don’t take the time to connect, recharge, and breathe into the wisdom that the universe and mother earth have to offer in every moment. This leaves us very unattached and ungrateful for all that we receive. In order to take responsibility and reconnect, we must SLOW DOWN AND EXPERIENCE THE NOW.

Observing the earth and mother nature brings us more into the present moment, so that we can get more in touch with the NOW, and the whispered wisdom that exists in every moment……if we just slow down enough, are grateful enough, and can JUST BE.

What beautiful moments will you experience this week dear ones? What lessons do the elements offer you? What whispered truths will you hear on these winds of change?