By Mayuri Gonzalez
Volume I- Issue V       Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Often we are more concerned with what else we need and want when searching for what we think we need. This leaves us constantly unsatisfied. If we could shift this subtly within our consciousness, I believe that the results would be dramatic. We have to turn our attention inward and understand that we are the only thing standing in the way of our own happiness and contentment; nothing externally keeps us from experiencing joy in the present. To experience greater peace in our lives, we have to begin to sift through the contents of our mind, body, environment and spirit and release the contents that no longer serve our highest good. We have to consider what we need to pack for the journey back home to self, and what we need to leave along the roadside.

When "packing" for the journey to self, the lighter the better. Often, it becomes evident that leaving behind what we CANNOT take with us on the path to evolution becomes more important than considering what we CAN take. This begins a process of purging and casting aside the patterns, cycles, and tendencies that no longer serve our higher selves and the highest good.

The battle becomes one between our self and our own ego. The ego tells us to stand up and take the actions of others personally. The ego tells to feed into the stereotypes and milestones fed to us by society. The ego tells us that it is more important to be loved then than to love our self. The ego steals from us our moments of greatest wisdom and enlightenment. It is its job.

In order to ascend, we have to cut the strings that are binding us to the earthly realm, illusion and the stagnation brought to us by the ego.
Take a moment to consider these questions through meditation or journaling:
What is holding you back from evolving?
What is holding you back from really loving?
What is holding you back from experiencing joy and contentment in the present moment?

Some major themes------Fears, disappointment, control, lack, and expectations.

One major clue!!----------Ascension and evolution comes with less "doing" and more "letting go". Keep your vision on your higher purpose and cut the ties that bind you to your past or an old paradigm. In order to evolve, by definition, you cannot stay the same as you are now. So, move forward in every moment. Let go of all that causes you grief, stagnation, confusion, and doubt. Let go of the fears, insecurities, expectations, and control. Let go of the attachments and desires to possess. Let go of all of this, for it has no part in the path to ascension. Surrender and trust in the divine order of the universe and be whole. Do not resonate with vibrations of lack and chose to align with higher vibrations of peace, love, light, and gratitude.

This week, if you find yourself stressed or burdened, take a moment to remember that there is NOTHING keeping you from experiencing joy, peace, and trust in the divine. As the thoughts or fears stir up, observe them and cast the down along the roadside. Close your eyes and redirect your attention to the simple words “Light and Love”. Inhale “Light” and exhale “Love”. Inhale “Light” and exhale “Love”. Repeat them on the breath for as long as it takes to change your internal state. After changing your state, don’t return back to try to understand what was happening right before the exercise. Just move forward and leave what was in the past in the past….at the last bend in the road. Don’t carry the burden of them on your shoulders as you walk the path.

Lighten the Load! Keep it moving!

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